Returning to Mexico sixteen years after living in the U.S. was like traveling back in time. During my years in California I used to dream about my home town, Etzatlan. I remember the red brick houses and the smell in the air from the bakery around the corner. These old memories have given me the desire to return to my home town in Mexico. I want to travel Mexico and discover places, meet people and grow as an artist.

artist, Agustin, arrives at his place of birth, Etzatlan, Jalisco




checking the progress of the work

After a lot of air brush work and mural painting I managed to save a little money for my trip. First thing on the list was paying for a custom made camper to carry my clothes, easel, books, drafting table and of course my lap top.

just enough space for the essentials

preparing to mount camper on truck

This light weight camper has several windows for ventilation and is well lit inside. It’s perfect for camping.


installing the wiring for the lights


The team, U.S. Campers, in Pomona. Thanks

The guys at U.S. Campers, in Pomona, did a great job at designing one that isn’t too bulky but has plenty of space for my things.


Agustin and camera ready to go shooting


Looking forward to the drive

The decision was final and I knew that after crossing the border I was a free man, as ironic as that may sound.


Leaving the states after 16 years.


first steps on oficial mexican territory

I spent the rest of the day in Tijuana and stayed at a distant relative’s home. This gave me the opportunity to walk and take in every single detail of the experience.

a small glimpse of Tijuana


early drive to beat the noon heat

Early next morning I started the long desert drive that took me through Mexicali and then into the state of Sonora.

impressive lifeless rock mountains


open desert for hours

The Sonora desert seemed endless as I drove for hours under  the dry heat. However I was able to cross most of it by sun down.

fortunately the heat was mild


sunset and a little back pain, good time to rest

I spent the night at Navojoa, a town where I had some delicious tacos from a street vendor and not to mention a cold cerveza.

a taco stand, a perfect sign of fuel for a mexican


a few hours of sleep and back behind the wheel

It was 5a.m. and I was back on the road again the next morning. I entered Sinaloa territory and said goodbye to Sonora.

towns begin to show their color


desert scenes disapear and hills turn green

The landscapes began to show a little more vegetation and I saw more faces of friendly people on the side of the road.

a young boysells fish on the side of the road tohelp his mother


la sierra madre

By the afternoon I was out of Sinaloa and in Nayarit. The Sierra Madre and the thick clouds were very relaxing and refreshing. It was exciting to know I was hours away from Jalisco.

a typical scene of a mexican farm land


the front of what used to be my home 16 years ago

As I got closer to Jalisco time seemed to move slower. It was not until evening that I finally entered the road that led me to Etzatlan, the town where I was born. Next morning, August 1st, I woke up and felt like I was still dreaming.

glad to be back


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